What’s the vision for Refresh2021? Why is it needed, now?

Refresh 2021 is an opportunity to do something nice for the EMS profession during what has otherwise been a distressing and disorienting year for our profession.

What will it actually provide? Is it CACPE accredited and will the NREMT accept it?

Refresh 2021 will provide 30 hours of CAPCE accredited education that will be accepted by NREMT. Because of the waiver on limits to Distributive Education (DE) during the pandemic the course can be used to satisfy the National hours for EMT or Paramedic recertification. Any additional hours can be used to satisfy the Individual training hour requirements.

Who’s the leader of this initiative and who else is involved?

The Steering Committee consists of Peter Antevy, Kelly Bouthillet, Tom Bouthillet, Remle Crowe, Brian LaCroix, Paul Pepe, Mike Taigman, James DiClemente, Rob Lawrence, and Keith Griffiths. We’ve assembled an exciting lineup of subject matter experts for each topic in the NREMT’s National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).

What differentiates the program and faculty from other virtual CE programs?

Not to disparage anyone else’s work but we’ve done our best to pick just the right person for each topic. Many are EMS physicians involved with the Gathering of Eagles and other clinicians considered to be experts in their field.

Who is funding this?

Everyone involved is donating their time and expertise. Prodigy EMS, a national Learning Management System is hosting all of the recorded and curated content on its platform and additionally is underwriting the cost of CAPCE credit for each individual that completes the requisite 30 hours.

When does it start and when does it stop?

We anticipate the program will be live by December 15, 2020 and the content will be available at least through the end of the recertification period for 2021.

What platform is it on and how easy will it be to use?

Prodigy EMS is taking care of hosting and CAPCE accreditation as a public good during the COVID-19 pandemic, for which the Steering Committee is very grateful.

Can individuals as well as organizations participate?

Yes, although each individual will want to have their own account so we can track course completion.

Where can I get more information and sign up?

Follow the #Refresh2021 hashtag on Twitter and visit Prodigyems.com/Refresh2021!